Payment & Sign-Up Wall

Setting Up Payments and Access Walls

This guide will walk you through setting up payments for your courses and implementing access walls to control user access.

Sign-Up Walls

LectureKit enables you to require users to sign up before accessing your courses:

  1. Enable Sign-Up Access: On your course's "Access" page, simply activate the "Sign-Up Access" integration, and you're all set!

Payment Walls

LectureKit offers the option to set up payment walls for your courses, ensuring that users must pay before accessing them:

  1. Enable Payment Integration: Navigate to your course's "Access" page, and enable the "Payment Wall" feature. Choose your preferred payment processor (such as Stripe or Lemon Squeezy) and configure the settings accordingly. Once set up, users will be prompted to make a payment before accessing your course content.

Stripe Setup

Lemon Squeezy Setup